Higher Impact Exercise is Better

by / Thursday, 26 June 2014 / Published in Health News

To fully realize benefits from workouts, we need to push ourselves.  Intense exercise changes the body and muscles in ways that milder physical activity doesn’t.  Of course any exercise is more healthy than none.

There have been hints that strenuous exercise has more health benefits.  Studies of walkers have found that those whose usual pace is brisk tend to live longer than those who move at a more leisurely rate, even if their overall energy expenditure is similar.

But how intense exercise might uniquely affect the body, especially below the surface at the cellular level, has remained unclear.  Scientists long have known that the sympathetic nervous system plays a part in exercise, particularly if the activity is intense.  There is some truth to that idea of no pain, no gain.

Periodically reassess the intensity of your workouts, if you wish to continually improve your fitness.  The point is to get out of your body’s comfort zone, so intensity means something different to everyone.

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